This will be updated periodically based on our most recent sits.  Please click on the links associated with each review see the full, unedited version of each review along with any contact information included for verification.  In each case we’ve linked back to the full, unedited version so that you can see it as our host intended!

Also please note that when we do repeat sits, those where we return to a family and pets that we’ve helped out before, we don’t request new reviews.  Why?  We think that the fact we’ve been asked back is the best endorsement possible!!  I think our record to date is 7 sits for the same family in Atlanta, GA and that should speak for itself.

Finally for any of these reviews, or if you notice sits that have no review associated, we’ll happily put you in touch with those hosts.  We’ve got a long, happy trail of satisfied clients and we’re 100% comfortable putting you together with any of them to verify any details of our performance.  But as you might imagine, and appreciate, we keep the personal details off our website for privacy concerns.

Sam and Tori | Diamond Harbour, NZ | January, 2018

Daisy enjoying some scratches and mugging for the camera!

‘Debbie Jo and Larry were absolutely fabulous. Our pets were well loved and cared for and our house was left beautifully clean and tidy. When we returned it was like we’d never been away. We would love to have these guys back again. Highly recommended!’


Full Review from

Hana | Redwood, South Island, NZ | December, 2017

Phoebe lounging

‘Debbie Jo and Larry were such a treat to meet! What a special couple who truly looked after our house and wee girl, Phoebe. They went above and beyond to take care of the garden (even when we didn’t ask them to) and just wish they could have stayed with us longer so we could really get to know them!’

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Willimijn | Nelson, The Brook, NZ | December, 2017

HI, I’m Pepa!

‘I was very grateful to find Debbie and Larry to look after my old boxer dog Pepa. Pepa was advancing in her osteoarthritis and needed special care and love in her last stage of her life. Debbie and Larry did a fantastic job. I didn’t worry for one moment that Pepa was in good hands.’

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Cynthia | Park City, UT | October, 2017

Sweet Duke getting some lovin.

‘I am so thankful that Larry and DJ responded to my last minute request for a sitter! There were finishing up another sit nearby and were able to be at my place in time for me to travel. Excellent communication before, during, and after the sit. Left my home in immaculate condition. My dog was relaxed and happy when I got home. I will definitely reach out to them again in the future! Thanks guys!’

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Steve and Donna | Garden City, ID | September, 2017

Callie Cat

‘We would say that having Larry and DJ taking care of our home was probably one of the best parts of our wonderful, month-long trip. They are so responsible and caring. They took care of everything as if it was their own, but also careful to leave everything just the way they found it. We have a big house and a big yard and garden. Everything was like the day we left. The only thing we are having trouble with is living up to Callie and Edna’s (cats) new expectations… We love our home and our pets, and feel we have two people we will always be able to trust them with. Thank you Larry and DJ. Hope to see you soon’

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Kat & George | Montgomery, AL | November, 2016

Hi, I’m Gary!

‘I can’t say enough great things about this wonderful couple! This trip was the first leaving our little dog at home after 2 surgeries over the summer, and Debbie Jo and Larry put me so much at ease during our orientation that I was able to really relax and enjoy our trip rather than worrying. These folks are so warm and genuine, tidy, easy-going, and so great with our dog and cats. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to have them back here anytime, and in fact look forward to booking them again!’

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Ruth & Kjell | Boise, ID | May, 2016

Sweet Oscar!

‘We can’t thank you enough for sitting Oscar and the Horizon house — though you were really caretakers and we feel guilty for not paying you for your services. The house and yard are in better shape than when we left, including cleaning the yoder. Please use us as a reference. We will definitely let you know when we are planning another trip of more than two weeks.’

Full Review from personal email after sit (they reached out to us directly to arrange our sit)

Mark and Sarah | Hoofddorp, Netherlands | August, 2015

‘… We could see immediately that they were pet lovers and were attentive to every detail of the animal and care of our home. We returned from a 3 week vacation to a house which was meticulously tidied and very very happy pets!
We can’t recommend them enough as being an outstanding couple who are committed in every way to caring for your little loved ones (even provided photos and videos while we were away) as well as your home.
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John and Karen | London, U.K. | July, 2015


‘… I wanted to really thank you for watching over Rupert and our flat. I could really tell that he attached himself to you two. Knowing that makes you relieved that you made the right choice for him.

Full Review from personal email exchange after the sit

Rasmus and Martha | Blonay, Switzerland | July, 2015

Spot – yes, seriously!

‘… Spot was very vocal – I should have videoed it – but I think he is a little confused….”where are the great people who have been here all week??!” You have given us another fantastic experience in trusting people and we thank you for it all! Would love to stay in touch and someday meet again!!!

Full Review from personal email exchange after the sit


Arthur and Lorelei | Elmsford, NY | May, 2015

We’re doing a repeat sit for this family in September, 2015 and spent time with them after our sit at their place in Italy.

Dan and Vera | Springfield, IL | March, 2015

‘… I replied to your blog with the following comment that I hope you can use as our recommendation. I will reference your review to future housesitters who can read your review of our home when making their decision to apply.  Take care and PLEASE keep in touch. We all miss you already. Judo has been going around being much more voca, so I think he is grieving!
Full Review

Anika and Heidi | Santa Fe, MN | December, 2014

Roxie‘… You were very responsive to us and posted pics of the furry fam often so we could see them being happy and healthy with you! By the time we got back, they were obviously very happy being and playing with you!’

Full Review

Will and Jocelyn | Atlanta, GA | November, 2014

With Ace In ATL‘…Not only are they responsible, dependable, and trustworthy, they are super nice people as well who we can now call friends! Debbie Jo and Larry took great care of our large house and 4 animals (2 dogs, 1 rabbit, 1 turtle) for over a week, and we returned to a tidy home and happy, well-loved pets.’

Full Review

Jon and Keely | Tulsa, OK | October, 2014

Abby and Bentley with Debbie Jo‘… I was still a little nervous because I had never met them, but that nervousness went away instantly as soon as I met them. Seriously. When we met and picked them up from the airport, there was an immediate “comfortableness” (I just made up that word) about them. Their personalities just create a warm atmosphere. I’m not sure how to explain them with words…they are just awesome!’

The nice thank you note they had for us on our departure…

Full Review

Jillian and Elliot | Vieques, PR | August to October, 2014

Debbie Drums Vieques‘…Larry and DJ were responsible for maintaining our personal home and pets, as well as running the 2 AirBnB’s for us. Everything went perfectly and when in-evitable island problems arose, they handled them professionally and efficiently. All of my guests were picked up from the airport and checked into their properties. I didn’t get a single negative review while we were away, nothing but happy positive glowing reviews.’

Full Review

See what the Airbnb guests we hosted had to say…

Jack and Lindsey | Hot Springs, AR | July 2014

We chose Larry and Debbie Jo to be our house sitters during late June/early July this year, and they were perfect. I would highly recommend them. I think they left our house in better shape than we did originally, and our three pets clearly received patient, loving care. Our dog got to remain active by participating in outdoor adventures with them, and they even picked up and administered our cat’s medication, which I’m sure the cat was less than agreeable about at first….

Full Review  and as seen in the WebSite In HouseSittersAmerica

Adam and Michelle | Anabel, MO | May to June, 2014

To anyone considering having DJ and Larry Giveans as housesitters:
It is always a pleasure to let someone know about a good thing! And we are happy to report that DJ and Larry are not only good, they are great!
We connected with them through From the very first they were open, receptive, communicative and flexible as we worked through the arrangements regarding their caring for our property and animals. We spoke several times over the phone and were confident that they were trustworthy people. Our feelings were justified tenfold…

Full Review 

The Pre-sitting days

Prior to actually beginning our sitting career I did some extensive stays in New York.  While not true sits, I was paying for them, there are some definite similarities!  In each case I took excellent care of my hosts homes and they would have gladly had me back as a guest.  These reviews should be visible in the Airbnb system at this link: