Larry and Debbie Jo - Christmas 2012
Larry and Debbie Jo – Christmas 2012

Debbie Jo and I are young, retired professionals that have been long term homeowners and who are looking to break geographic ties & start exploring the United States. To us that means moving to, and living in, an area for weeks or months at a time in able to truly see what it has to offer. Travel and exploration is our motivation and we’re comfortable in urban environments, rural settings, and anything in between. That being said we want to engage with animals as much as possible on our journey. If we can take the stress, anxiety and possible medical conditions away from your furry children while you are on vacation and away then our time has been well spent!

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We’ve been homeowner’s ourselves for most of the last 25 years and for a big portion of that time we have owned rental properties as well. Although Debbie Jo sold off her multiple properties in 2013 I still own three houses in MS and LA. The home I last lived in was built by my family and we did a lot of the work ourselves including framing, roofing, wiring, and some plumbing. Although not utilized anymore I also at one point held a general contractors license in Mississippi. Between the two of us we’ve successfully tackled all aspects of home maintenance and improvement. I’d also like to add that I’m familiar with pool maintenance and have had multiple in ground and above ground pools. My reason for mentioning this is so that you’ll know that with our combined experience there are really no maintenance tasks that are beyond our skill set. Your home would without a doubt be in good hands while you’re away!

Dill and Me
Dill and Me

And of course in many cases even more important that the care of your home is the care of your extended furry family. Debbie Jo and I love animals in general and have owned the typical array of dogs & cats as well as horses, goats, pigs, chicken, cows, sheep, and other animals over the years. While we don’t currently have any animals of our own together we recently fostered a beautiful Maine Coon named Dillinger from the local rescue organizations ( Growing up I spent some time with family around horses and livestock while Debbie Jo on the other hand brings a lot of experience with the farm critters having spent multiple years in 4-H & FFA – she’s raised or cared for everything from goats to horses. So as you can see much like our property experience we bring a wealth of combined experience with pet care to the table and will most certainly take excellent care of your pets & animals in your absence!

As a bonus my background is in Information Technology and if you would like I could happily feed you multimedia updates on your home and/or pets in your absence. This could range from random snapshots to occasional streaming video that you’d be able to access from any location in the world with a basic internet connection. Especially in the case of family pets I understand that separation for an extended period can be a difficult thing and will do my best to keep you and your ‘furry family’ connected!

We’re both non-smokers, have no pets of our own, have reliable transportation and we’re always looking forward to our next ‘assignment’. If you’d like to know more please feel free to forward any questions you might have or give us a call!