Rainbows – Beautiful

Well here we are, a good 4 years after we ditched most of our personal belongings to hit the road full time and – we’re ready to start ‘adulting’ again.  I don’t even know where to begin with this post but it’s been a good two months since our last update and we’re getting ready to wrap our current sit.  With that in mind, I really wanted to capture a bit of the past two months since we returned from our 190 days of NZ / Asia travels.  Deep breath and here we go!

Upon our return, we somewhat naturally returned to the closest thing we have to home and that is my Mom’s cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains.  Not only does it feel as close to ‘home’ as any other place in the world it just happened to be where our beloved Newt was being stored.  BIG thanks to my Mom for taking such good care of our traveling home and being the great little Rialta that he is he was virtually trouble free after 8 months plus of sitting.  The engine cranked right up, the generator started easily, the cover we purchased did a good job of keeping him clean and with truly very little effort we deemed him road ready and moved on to other tasks.

Invariably when we visit with Mom there is a running list of ‘honey do’s’ that we tackle and of course we jumped in with both feet!  Little projects such as the typical minor maintenance items were attended to as well as some bigger items.  Number one on Mom’s list was a new ride.  After many years of enjoying her little Scion TC she decided, now that she lives in the mountains and gets some occasional snow, to upgrade after 11 years and she is now the proud owner of an almost new Subaru Outback.  And what a sweet ride it is!  She loves it and we all collectively feel much better with her driving a ‘real’ car as opposed to her admittedly fun to drive skateboard like TC.  We hated to see it go but it was time.

17 Days And 4500 Miles

And time, how fast it goes!  The oldest daughter, Keri, decided to become pregnant with twins while we were traveling overseas and so once we wrapped up our visit with Mom we headed off to PA to visit with her and the soon to be expanding family.  This was the first stop on our roundabout journey to our next house sit in Garden City, ID.  While we were able to enjoy a few weeks with Mom and resting up after our travels abroad once we hit the road in Newt is was a day or two here and there but a LOT of road time.  I think when we looked back we’d done something like 4,500 miles in 17 days.  And again, Newt did his part – we love our Newt!  So in quick succession after our visit to PA we hit the youngest daughter Karli and checked out her and fiance’ Steve’s new pad in Virginia Beach; bounced down to Louisiana to visit with as many friends and family as we could over a few days, shot up to Kansas City to visit with Neice Sara and her family – oh, and to enjoy the fruits of hubby Mike’s competition BBQ weekend, yummy!; Dropped in on some former hosts and friends in Ennis, MT and grabbed our motorcycles out of storage (also easy starts thanks to Larry & Lonnie taking such good care of our batteries for us!); popped on over to Idaho Falls to visit with sis Cindy and retrieve our xTerra (huge thank you to Gerry for taking such good care of our primary vehicle while we were away!!); and finally rolled into Boise for our July sit after a short detour to Jackpot, NV.  Phew, that was a ton of driving!  And to recap just how scattered we were vehicle wise when we departed our RV was in Tennessee, our motorcycles and trailer in Ennis, MT, and our xTerra in Idaho.    It feels soooo good to have everything in one place after so long!

Along the way and sometime in the past two months DJ and I both started yearning to settle down a bit and move away from the open-ended travel, as much fun as it’s been and despite all that we’ve been able to see and do in the last four years, and perhaps get a place of our own.  And once we started the house sit we’re currently about to wrap up, and getting to hang with some of the fine neighbors and explore a bit more of what the greater Boise area has to offer, we took the steps to make it official.  Yep, after more than 4 years without a place to truly call our own we’ve signed the paperwork and are moving into our new apartment at the end of the month!  A new adventure in and of itself and I’ll definitely focus on that in another post.  But for this one I really just wanted to capture some of it at a high level.  Honestly, so much of it was personal time with friends and family that for anyone other than ourselves it would really just be a bore.

With that I’ll wrap this post.  Another will follow shortly centered around our current, repeat sit for our hosts in Garden City and then we have a commitment in Bend, OR in the middle of August we have to tend to.