4/27/2018 – Elephant Retirement Park, Phuket Thailand

Hello and welcome to our little corner of the house sitting universe!  Debbie Jo Pelton and I both had mini epiphanies in 2012 and decided that we needed a way to get out of our very lucrative, but also very demanding jobs.   At the time we were both traveling for work, Debbie Jo as a pharmaceutical rep and myself as an I.T. consultant, and found that we had very little time to spend with family, friends, or even each other.  Our days off were often compressed weekends where we might get to spend the better part of Saturday having fun but always with Sunday looming right around the corner and the knowledge that one or both of us would have to get back on the road on that day in order to be where our clients needed us bright and early Monday morning.  Financially we were doing quite well but inside we were both miserable.  Heck, we were both gone so much that we couldn’t even have pets!

We decided that there had to be a better way… we wanted more freedom in our schedule to do the things we *wanted* to do, we wanted pets in our lives, and we wanted more time with friends & family.  After many months of exploring options, preparing for a significant life change, and actually taking action on our plans we’ve been happily ‘sitting’ full time since May of 2014.

Please take some time to look around and you’ll find out a bit about us, what we do, why we do it, and how we might be of assistance to you and your family.